Brandable 52 % recycled materials

High Six Lite

The All-in-One Backup Cable

Co-Branding Anfrage

4C UV digital printing

Branding area
40 x 8 mm

Production and delivery time
from 5 weeks

Minimum order quantity

upon request

High Six Lite is our all-in-one backup charging and data cable, offering you six different combinations to charge all your devices with the right connection. This fast-charging cable (up to 60 W) is securely stored in a protective cover. High Six Lite is designed as a backup cable for your keychain, ensuring it's always ready for use.
  • Universal cable for all devices (6in1)
  • Fast charging performance (60 W Power Delivery)
  • Compact design for the key ring
  • Protective cover for the cable
  • Supports Fast Charging
4.88 out of 5

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High Six Lite






Verified rating from 15.06.2023

Schneller Versand 👌🏼

Verified rating from 28.05.2022

Verified rating from 15.06.2023

Praktisch und möglichst immer dabei

Verified rating from 05.12.2022

Verified rating from 27.10.2023

Einfach immer wieder Top Qualität!

Verified rating from 11.04.2023

Verified rating from 04.10.2022

Verified rating from 01.06.2022

Wunderbarer, praktisch designeter Schlüsselanhänger. Ladekabel für Apple und Android + Flaschenöffner.

Verified rating from 03.04.2023

Verified rating from 08.09.2022

Tolle Ineinanderschachtelung von sehr nützlichen Funktionen!